This is a Game I made for the 2-Minute Horror Game Jam. its based off of the following.

"I went through the dark tunnel to retrieve my Dog.
There was another set of glowing eyes, standing on the top of my half eaten dog.."

---I do not own The Music used in Tunnel.---


Esc = Pause
WASD = Movement
Mouse = Look
L Shift = Sprit

Install instructions

After Downloading the PC Build Extract the Whole RAR then launch the "2-Minute_Horror_Jam" Executable/ Application.


DarkTunnel_PCBuild.rar 22 MB

Development log


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Was a pretty enjoyable game. I loved the graphics of the game and also the cute looking ghosts! The boxes made a good maze for the player to go though and the way the screen explodes into white and a small scream comes on is a pretty fun little jump scare type effect. The ending is the one that didn't make the most sense; the graphics for the dog and the ghosts did not match. The sudden increase in gore with the dog also didn't really match with the cuter looking type ghosts. And the story wasn't really reflected to the player at all.

But other than that, it was a fun play and enjoyable short game! Good job on making it and good luck for future games!